Facebook for Photographers – Security is Key

facebook photographers security key

I doubt there are many photographers in the world today who are not on Facebook, in fact I only know very few of the old school photographers who have stayed away from any sort of social media including Facebook. Let’s face it social media has become the de-facto platform for getting recognised but security in today’s online world is something that most take for granted. Just in the past week I have had no less …

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Simple Speed Fixes for Lightroom Mac

I’ve been working with Lightroom since the product first ever came out and it sure has come a long way. In that time my catalog has grown considerably and during some recent work, doing mass deletions, it resulted in me finding some issues that were slowing down Lightroom big time. So I thought I would share my fixes for others who may be unaware why their Lightroom is running slow and also very slow to …

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Fine Art Leopard Print

I started working on this new fine art leopard print several months ago but it fell to the wayside and after a clean out of my photography files I came across the partially edited image and decided it was time to finally give this fine art image the attention it deserved. I spent a few hours on it today and was eventually very happy that the fine art vision I originally saw for this photo …

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Great photographs are all around you


When I started out in photography I spent a lot of time on forums learning, being critiqued and perfecting what I do. I have told many budding photographers over the years to do the same as it gives you a different view of how the world and other photographers perceive your photos. Spending time on forums is certainly a fast track way to moving ahead with your photography but believe me you have to grow …

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Johannesburg Skyline in Infrared

This photo of the Johannesburg skyline was taken shortly before the Soccer World Cup in 2010. I captured this using an infrared modified camera which does not block out UV light like all normal color digital camera’s do. This effectively allows you to capture the full spectrum of UV light and create very magical looking images. I became a fan of Infrared photography several years ago and my infrared camera often gets more of a …

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Johannesburg Skyline Photos

I get a lot of requests for Johannesburg Skyline Photos and I have a vast and diverse collection of them,  many not ever processed or even published. This panorama of the Johannesburg Skyline was shot in 2009 as a lightning storm was approaching the city of Johannesburg at sunset. The light was just fantastic. The full size panorama was stitched from just 7 frames shot on a full frame Nikon camera and the final image …

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Super Moon Rising in South Africa

The Super Moon Rising in South Africa - August 2015

The Super Moon Rising in South Africa last night, August 29, 2015. I took two separate exposures, one for the moon and one for the surrounding landscape and clouds and blended them carefully together in Photoshop. I am quite pleased with the final image and hope you like it too. You can order this landscape print on a variety of fine art papers or canvas or you can license this image (RM/RF) by either clicking …

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Wild Dogs Sleeping Kruger National Park

photo wild dogs sleeping kruger national park

On our way out of the Kruger National Park in December 2014 we took one of the sand roads leading from Crocodile Bridge towards Malelane Gate. Shortly before getting to the gate and nearing the end of the sand road we came across this group of Wild Dogs (Painted Dogs) Sleeping. We were only one of about 3 vehicles at the sighting and we were able to get a prime photographic position which in Kruger …

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