Black Rhino Sunset Maasai Mara Kenya

Black Rhino Sunset Maasai Mara Kenya - Manipulated Nature Photography

OK, right from the onset I will tell you something, I don’t ever manipulate wildlife imagery, certainly not in this way any way. So yes it is MANIPULATED. We came across this beautiful black rhino in the Maasai Mara in Kenya close to sunset. He was hiding in the bushes for ages and would not budge. But all this time there was a beautiful sunset to the left. So I shot the sky anyway and …

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Sabie River in Flood Kruger Park

Sabie River in Flood Kruger Park

This is a short timelapse made up of 30 frames shot freehand from the car window when the Sabie River in Flood Kruger Park on the 29th of December 2014. There was no other way but freehand but luckily with a fast shutter rate I could get very little movement between the frames. It was quite a spectacle to see and just a matter of right place and right time. I have other timelapses and …

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Honey Badger Kruger National Park

Just after leaving the Lower Sabie rest camp last December we took a drive out towards Tshokwane we came across this Honey Badger foraging for food in the recently burned areas of grassland outside Lower Sabie. Really not that often one gets to see a Honey Badger Kruger National Park. These are quite feisty little characters and very fast moving too. The photo was taken from a distance  and was quite a tight crop but …

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Baby Elephant Monochrome Fine Art Portrait


This Baby Elephant Monochrome Fine Art Portrait was taken in Kruger National Park one gloomy day. We were driving along the road between Crocodile Bridge Gate and Lower Sabie when a large herd of elephant with lots of youngsters decided to cause a traffic jam and cross the road. That’s the usual scenario is Kruger when Elephants cross the road. This was one of the youngest elephant in the group and when his mom decided …

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Black Rhino Kruger Park

black rhino photo kruger park browsing on branches

BLACK RHINO IN KRUGER PARK? – Does it get much better than this. After a lunch at one of the camps with still relatively “sub standard overpriced (now branded) food” we headed out on our afternoon drive. We came across about 3 vehicles looking at a Rhino walking through the dense shrub. Having had a number of Rhino sightings on the trip already we still did not fail to sit around and watch this magnificent …

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Wild Dogs Playing Kruger Park

photo of wild dogs playing Kruger Park South Africa

Wild dogs playing in Kruger Park, does it get any better than this ? One day in December last year we were on our way out of Kruger heading towards the Phabeni gate. We were already late and concerned we were heading for a fine for being late for the gate closing time. So what of course had to happen to complicate that matter? An entire pack of African Wild Dog’s (Painted Dog) lying right …

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Lion with Zebra Kill Kruger Park

lion with zebra kill kruger national park south africa

On my last day in Kruger National Park last December, my partner and I headed down a road we had never travelled before. Several cars passed us telling us there was some lions with a Zebra Kill just a few kilometres down the road but also warned us about a very big hole in the road which would prevent us getting to it. Nonetheless we decided to check it out as we have come to …

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Monochrome Leopard Prints

Leopard Cub Monochrome Sabi Sands Fine Art Salaxeye Mitchell Krog

This is a real favorite image of mine and I can’t believe I never put it onto my blog before. This is one of Salaxeye’s cubs from several years ago. Salaxeye is a very well know leopard in the Sabi Sands reserve and this cub has probably long since started to live his own life. We came across this cub sitting in the top of a dead leadwood tree (Combretum imberbe) on a morning game …

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