Lightning over Cradle of Humankind – Maropeng (Unesco COHWHS)

Man vs Machine. A Lightning storm I captured over Maropeng, the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa in 2009. This image is a composite (blend) of 24 single frames which took a lot of time to complete due to the different lighting conditions from the approaching lightning storm and the very bright lights illuminating the Maropeng Concrete Bollards at the entrance. Certainly one of the more challenging post processing of a lightning …

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Half a Million Views on

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 14.12.26

Today I clocked over half a million views on my profile on the photo sharing web site. I am chuffed to clock past a milestone like this, sure it’s not into the millions yet but quite a step I think on 500px where it is the ultimate site for having your work noticed. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015 Mitchell KrogAll Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Read …

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Nature’s Fury – An Electrifying Journey through Lightning Photography

photo of lightning strikes over the voortrekker monument in South Africa.

This is a slideshow of some of my lightning photography spanning over 8 years now. I originally did this slideshow about 3 years ago but never ever publicly released it even though it’s been on my mind for sometime now. Yesterday I finally posted it on YouTube and hope you all like it. This is only version 1 of the slideshow, I intend to revise this pretty shortly with many more images and post Version …

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Lightning Panorama over Pretoria (Tshwane), South Africa

This is a panorama of a lightning storm over Pretoria (now called Tshwane) that I photographed back in 2009. This image is a composite (blend) of 10 frames. I shot easily 100 frames that night of this one storm but only chose 10 to blend together into this single exposure. I often do not blend images and prefer single frame exposures but I was happy with the outcome of this. It was nice to revisit …

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Guess What It Is – Photo or Photoshopped ?


I like to play games so I thought this would be a good one. Guess what this is. I can tell you it is a photo direct out of a camera, it has not been photoshopped NOR was it created in Photoshop either. The only edits from the RAW image file were slight sharpening, slight vibrance tweak and a 50% crop of the original image. So guess what it is a photo of then. This …

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