Bearded Vulture in Monochrome | Giants Castle

photo fine art print of bearded vulture in monochrome at giants castle

A Bearded Vulture in Monochrome at Giants Castle in the Drakensberg of South Africa. Click on image for a larger preview. (Copyright Mitchell Krog - Enquiries: - REF: ZAX8739)

I took this one on a trip to Giants Castle about 2 years ago, this juvenile Bearded Vulture pulled off a few very artistic poses while taking off and landing and this one really stood out for me.

I dug this one out recently for a client looking for something different for a book cover for their Bird Identification course book. They loved it and I hope you like it too. 😉


  1. Stunning! One in a million shot.

  2. Thanks so much Albert 😉

  3. I spent part of my honeymoon at giants castle it’s a beautiful part of the world and bliss for my birding mad father who joined us (odd I know but we live on opposite sides of the world)If you’re ever in need of birding expertise in Southern Africa you can get in touch with him via

  4. Thanks Mr Bunny Chow 😉

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