Golden Harvest | Magaliesburg Agricultural Landscape Photography

I’ve lived in a farming community in


for over 5 years now and it’s given me many great opportunities to

photograph the agricultural landscape

and activities.

Golden Harvest | Magaliesburg Agricultural Landscape Photography

Golden Harvest - A disc plough at sunset on the freshly harvested maize fields of Magaliesburg. (Print, stock or editorial enquiries may be directed to with REF: ZAS7875)

On the day this photo was taken it had been overcast and cool all day so I was not even thinking of shooting anything but close to sunset I noticed there was a nice gap between the clouds and horizon and thought I might just be in luck so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

My neighbor who had just completed his maize harvest had sent his disc plough out to process all the discarded plant material back into the ground. By chance he left his disc plough out for the night and just happened to leave it perfectly positioned for me giving me a nice anchor in fields that are otherwise devoid of anchors.

Just as the sun crept under the cloud bank the most beautiful light streamed across the farmlands. The yellow disc plough lit up in an intense golden colour and the sunlight clipped the bits of plant material still protruding from the ground turning them into flakes of gold.

This photo quickly found its way into my personal favorites and eventually went on to take second prize in the Nikon Lifestyle Photographic Competition 2011 held by the

Magalies Meander


Nikon South Africa


This is a single exposure, no filters or

HDR techniques

were used to compose this image.

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