Dec 29 2010

African Stormy Sunset – Thunderstorm Lightning Photography

african thunderstorm stormy sunset lightning photo

An electrical thunderstorm rolls across the South African landscape just as the sun is setting on the eve of Christmas 2010. 3 Lightning strikes make ground contact on the nearby hills completing the dramatic scene perfectly. Nature never ceases to amaze and seems to always catch me with surprises like these when I least expect it and it's a Christmas present I will remember for many years to come. (Copyright Mitchell Krog - Enquiries: - REF: ZA-S1468)

As the sun was setting on the 24th of December 2010, the most incredible scene presented itself to me. I saw storms starting to build from around 5pm but thought they had arrived too early and the chances of catching the storms doing their thing at sunset seemed a bit of a long shot. In the last 10-15 minutes of the sun setting I saw there was a gap on the horizon and the potential for something amazing to take place. I dropped everything grabbed my camera’s and shot outside into the maize field. What happened thereafter was pure magic as nature pulled out all the stops and put on it’s fantastic light show for me. I’ve shot a few storms at sunset during the last 6 storm seasons but personally I think this one currently sits right at the top of my personal favourites and will probably remain that way until I one day (hopefully) ever top this.

I never expected anything for Christmas but Nature rolled in with this wonderful surprise for me and there’s certainly no complaints from my side.