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Sep 19 2012

Phantom Tree Sunrise | Namibia Landscapes (Moringa ovalifolia)

moringa ovalifolia - phantom tree - ghost tree - landscape photo - namibia

Moringa ovalifolia (Phantom / Ghost tree) captured at sunrise on the vast golden grasslands of Namibia. Click on image for a larger preview.
(Copyright Mitchell Krog - Enquiries: - Image REF: NAX2027LS)

Once I had crossed paths with this beautiful Moringa ovalifolia (Phantom Tree / Ghost Tree) specimen I just knew I had to modify my plans and set aside extra time on my trip to shoot this landscape in some beautiful golden light.

I located this specimen on the vast Namib plains which on any other year are simply a dusty, gravely wasteland with barely a patch of grass here and there and an odd tree like this that has survived through all the tough times.

On this trip however, due to exceptional rainfalls in the region, the entire area had turned into vast fields thick with pristine golden grass as far as the eye could see which itself is a rather uncommon sight.

I arrived here shortly before sunrise, got set up and then just waited for the sunrise to break the horizon.

I wanted to catch the first golden rays of sun streaming across the grasslands so that it would light up the grass and the Moringa tree at the same time and I certainly was not disappointed with the resulting image.

This landscape photo is available in print on a variety of Hahnemule Fine Art Papers, Epson Premium Papers and Canvas.

To order prints or for other enquiries contact me on with Print REF: NAX2027LS

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