Stormy Sunset Thunderstorm Lightning Photography

african thunderstorm stormy sunset lightning photo

As the sun was setting on the 24th of December 2010, the most incredible scene presented itself to me a classic Stormy Sunset Thunderstorm Lightning Photo. I saw storms starting to build from around 5pm but thought they had arrived too early and the chances of catching the storms doing their thing at sunset seemed a bit of a long shot. In the last 10-15 minutes of the sun setting I saw there was a …

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South African Landscape Photography – Blyde River Canyon

Hi all, been a while since I last posted anything, had a lot of work keeping me busy and away from the web site. One of my images of Sunrise at the Blyde River Canyon in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa was selected as a daily Earth Shot on the web site a week ago. This same image was second runner up in the Fujifilm Getaway Wildlife and Environmental Awards 2010 in the …

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A Stormy Sunset with some Christmas Wishes

I’ve fallen a bit behind with blogging and releasing images as I have had a lot of other work tying up my time. Now that the year is closing I am finding a little bit of free time again so here’s a new image I processed this morning which I took a few days ago. I am now into my sixth season of photographing storms and extreme weather and have spent well over 4000 hours …

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Tempting a Thunderstorm

I wish I could say this image was from yesterday, but it’s not, it’s from our first storms of the summer season which started in October. Our summer rains in the North West Province of South Africa have been pretty dismal in comparison with recent years and in the last 2 weeks we’ve started having some heat waves due to the lack of rain. The weatherman has been speaking of South Africa experiencing a La …

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Giants Castle, Drakensberg – South Africa

Continuing on breathtaking scenery I have photographed and places I have visited, I happened upon this image from my trip to Giants Castle earlier this year. I remember this morning very well as it was below freezing when I was standing out balancing on the edge of this ledge waiting for the sun to breathe it’s life across the landscape. There was not a cloud in sight this morning but as a landscape photographer I …

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Blyde River Canyon – Mpumalanga

I’ve been going through some images from earlier this year and came across this one taken at Blyde River Canyon that for some crazy reason I had not processed yet. I’ve travelled to many places in South Africa but the Blyde River Canyon continually takes my breath away more so than other places in SA I’ve been to. The Blyde River Canyon (recently renamed the Motlatse) is the third deepest canyon in the world after …

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Welcome Back Familiar Summer Skies

After a cold and very dry winter it was a welcome sight for sore eyes to see stormy skies return to the Highveld in Gauteng, South Africa. Yesterday was the first day for us to see some major storm systems moving into the province and they of course did bring with them some dramatic skies. I spent a good 2 hours watching the storm systems building, approaching then moving off which is no big surprise …

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