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Jan 20 2011

South African Landscape Photography – Blyde River Canyon

Hi all, been a while since I last posted anything, had a lot of work keeping me busy and away from the web site.
Blyde River Canyon - South African Landscape Photography

Sunrise over the Scenic Landscape of the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa. (Print, stock or editorial enquiries may be directed to with REF: ZA-X2785)

One of my images of Sunrise at the Blyde River Canyon in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa was selected as a daily Earth Shot on the web site a week ago. This same image was second runner up in the Fujifilm Getaway Wildlife and Environmental Awards 2010 in the Landscapes and Plants category and it’s great to see the image gain recognition from multiple sources. I entered 3 images to Earthshots and they selected this one but sadly they got the title wrong and used the title from another image I entered, I’ve tried contacting them to amend it but have been unsuccessful thus far. So the correct image title is actually “Blyde River Canyon”. Either way I’m not really fussed about it too much. (UPDATE: Earth shots seem to have picked up on my blog post and promptly updated the title, many thanks Earthshots :)) I have so many images to post here on the blog but time is just whizzing past me and January is almost over already but I seem to be finding some gaps to get some images and blog posts out to my loyal viewers. Until then take care and thanks EarthShots for the selection.

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Dec 29 2010

African Stormy Sunset – Thunderstorm Lightning Photography

african thunderstorm stormy sunset lightning photo

An electrical thunderstorm rolls across the South African landscape just as the sun is setting on the eve of Christmas 2010. 3 Lightning strikes make ground contact on the nearby hills completing the dramatic scene perfectly. Nature never ceases to amaze and seems to always catch me with surprises like these when I least expect it and it's a Christmas present I will remember for many years to come. (Copyright Mitchell Krog - Enquiries: - REF: ZA-S1468)

As the sun was setting on the 24th of December 2010, the most incredible scene presented itself to me. I saw storms starting to build from around 5pm but thought they had arrived too early and the chances of catching the storms doing their thing at sunset seemed a bit of a long shot. In the last 10-15 minutes of the sun setting I saw there was a gap on the horizon and the potential for something amazing to take place. I dropped everything grabbed my camera’s and shot outside into the maize field. What happened thereafter was pure magic as nature pulled out all the stops and put on it’s fantastic light show for me. I’ve shot a few storms at sunset during the last 6 storm seasons but personally I think this one currently sits right at the top of my personal favourites and will probably remain that way until I one day (hopefully) ever top this.

I never expected anything for Christmas but Nature rolled in with this wonderful surprise for me and there’s certainly no complaints from my side.

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Dec 24 2010

A Stormy Sunset with some Christmas Wishes

I’ve fallen a bit behind with blogging and releasing images as I have had a lot of other work tying up my time. Now that the year is closing I am finding a little bit of free time again so here’s a new image I processed this morning which I took a few days ago. I am now into my sixth season of photographing storms and extreme weather and have spent well over 4000 hours in the field chasing storms and never has there been a dull moment. Every storm season I wait (and wait) for at least one perfect moment when all the elements fall into place just at the right time and for me this is the challenge of capturing a lightning storm at sunset. Trust me it’s not easy because seldom do the storms approach at the right time and often when they do the sunset light is gone or the setting sun is completely blocked by the sheer size of the storm cells and if I get one image like this in a season I consider myself lucky. Getting it right requires springing into action at a moment’s notice and having a close location that you’re familiar with for capturing the scene. Nature waits for nobody and when the potential for a scene like this arises you drop everything and run, and if it fizzles out or the storm moves off in a different direction, you wait for the next one and do it all over again. In 6 seasons I’ve captured a few stormy sunset images, some more dramatic than others, but this one certainly sits high up in my list of favourites and I hope you will enjoy it too. I promised a blog post on twitter the other day called “Anatomy of a Thunderstorm” but shortly after bragging about it I got tied up in a lot of work that just kept me far away from the computer. I am in the throws of processing the images and sequences for that blog post and will release it in the next day or two, it’ll be worth the wait. It’s now only a few hours until Christmas Day and just a few days until we welcome 2011. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a most blessed Christmas, I hope you travel safe if you are on the roads and most importantly don’t drink and drive. I’d like to thank everyone for their support during 2010 and hope to see you all back safely in the new year.
African Thunderstorm - Stormy Sunset

A fast moving electrical thunderstorm rolls across the South African landscape as the sun is setting behind the storm front and a lightning strike touches down against the dramatic beautiful sky. (Print, stock or editorial enquiries may be directed to with REF: ZA-S0576)

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Dec 7 2010

Tempting a Thunderstorm

I wish I could say this image was from yesterday, but it’s not, it’s from our first storms of the summer season which started in October. Our summer rains in the North West Province of South Africa have been pretty dismal in comparison with recent years and in the last 2 weeks we’ve started having some heat waves due to the lack of rain. The weatherman has been speaking of South Africa experiencing a La NiƱa for months already but so far it seems it’s just not happening. Living in the North West Province, where a great deal of our country’s maize is grown, one can sense the tension that farmers are feeling right now as the crops are planted but the rain is nowhere to be seen. Our weather today is overcast and cool which is a nice relief from the extreme heat of the last few days but still it does not feel like rain will fall to the ground just yet. So let’s just say this image is some wishful thinking on my part for our rains to return and for nature to once again breathe a sigh of relief.
Photo of electrical lightning thunderstorm over the North West Province of South Africa.

A major lightning storm over the North West province of South Africa, captured in early Spring. (Print, stock or editorial enquiries may be directed to with REF: ZA-X8706)

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Dec 2 2010

Giants Castle, Drakensberg – South Africa

Continuing on breathtaking scenery I have photographed and places I have visited, I happened upon this image from my trip to Giants Castle earlier this year. I remember this morning very well as it was below freezing when I was standing out balancing on the edge of this ledge waiting for the sun to breathe it’s life across the landscape. There was not a cloud in sight this morning but as a landscape photographer I do not get all huffy and throw a fit when there’s no clouds, in fact I do the opposite as it makes me work a lot harder for compositions that will carry the image without relying on a wow sky to do that for me and I think this one will find it’s way into my landscape collection. I have a number of images from this area that I’ll get around to posting in another blog post soon.

Giants Castle Drakensberg Landscape Photo

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