Gorilla Portrait in Mono | Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Photography

Gorilla Portrait in MonochromeClick on image for larger view (Copyright Mitchell Krog - Eqnuiries: image@mitchellkrog.com - REF: RWS6816)

Here’s one of my Gorilla images from my trip to Rwanda which I got around to processing this morning. This is just one of these gentle giants that I had the privilege of spending some time with and this portrait just warms my heart and brings back very fond memories. This gorilla is a member of the Sabyinyo family which was the first group I spent a precious (very short) hour with.

Like many people I love color but this image just had the right tones for a monochrome conversion and I think it turned out great.

Hope you like it too, Enjoy 😉

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One Comment:

  1. Elaine du Preez

    This beautiful depiction gives the word ‘contemplative’ a new meaning. Stunning.

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