Leopard Cub | Sabi Sands

Leopard Cub Photo Sabi Sands South Africa

This young leopard kept us entertained for a good hour as he ventured up and down this dead leadwood tree while chasing a squirrel who was nesting in the tree. Every now and again he would stop and stare off into the distance giving me some great photo opportunities.
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On a cool morning in the Sabi Sands Reserve in South Africa we came across two leopard cubs who belonged to the well known Salaxeye (Salaheshe). Salaxeye herself was nowhere to be seen and was probably out hunting breakfast for the cubs.

This cub found great enjoyment climbing in this dead Leadwood tree (Combretum imberbe). He had spotted a squirrel darting up and down the tree and decided it would be great fun to try and catch the squirrel. For the next hour he proceeded to entertain us climbing up and down the branches and sticking his head into every hole he could find to try and catch the squirrel.

Every now and again he would stop and stare off into the distance looking for his mother and these moments gave me some great opportunities to catch him set against the beautiful driftwood textures of the dead tree.

It was still quite early after sunrise and the light was still golden in colour, a polarising filter help me enhance the colors and contrasts in this image.

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