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black white monochrome fine art rhino wildlife prints

At the Mercy of Men – Black White Fine Art Rhino Prints – This black and white fine art rhino print has proven to be a very popular print. This image is available on a variety of fine art papers and canvas.
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Seeing that the decline in Rhino poaching has not abated even slightly since I posted this, I thought I would share this image again on my blog today. It is utterly disgusting what is happening to our African Rhino population with several hundred being killed each and every year. Despite numerous efforts to curb the poaching nothing seems to be working.

This photo moves me so much because I am quite certain if nothing SERIOUS is done within the next few years this is the kind of photo many of you will be showing your children one day saying ” we used to have hundreds of these roaming the plains of Africa” … of course your kids will look at you like you are mad.

This photo of the lone rhino which I took in Kenya and which won the Fujifilm Getaway Wildlife Awards Animal Category in 2011 has proven to be very popular. I have sold quite a number of large canvas prints of this image all delivered to clients who were absolutely gob-smacked with the image. Black White Fine Art Rhino Prints can enhance both your home and office space and create special features for your guests to oodle at.

This print and other Black White Fine Art Rhino Prints are available on a variety of Hahnemule Fine Art Papers and also on Canvas. For more info please contact with image REF: KES5721 or simply

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