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Infrared Photography IR Elephants Amboseli Kenya Wildlife Kilimanjaro

Elephants in Infrared at Amboseli National Park in Kenya at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.
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I took this image one afternoon in Amboseli National Park in Kenya which is home to many large herds of Elephants. It was late afternoon but the light and contrasts were just right for an Infrared capture. This group of Elephants were also just in the right place so that I could capture them set against the grasslands of Amboseli with Mount Kilimanjaro rising up in the background.

Mount Kilimanjaro’s highest peak is 5895 m above sea level but in this image and many others I took while in Amboseli it looks rather insignificant. I believe the lack of any snow cap on Kilimanjaro at the time of year I was there played some part in this. The scattered clouds and deep blue skies gave me the much needed contrast and depth to round the image off.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the post processing of this infrared image, it turned out much better than I had initially expected but it did take a considerable amount of time longer than processing regular color images.

I hope you enjoy it too 😉


  1. Mitchell, Mike says and I quite agree, your work is outstanding! What a most stunning photo.

  2. The infrared works really with this image … awesome shot … it embodies a real sense of peace …

  3. The clouds come across as so surreal because of how dark the sky becomes. I really like the contrast between the plains and the dark sky as well. How does infrared photography work? I’m not too familiar with the technology.

  4. I really enjoyed this image. Very different approach and it does the image a great deal of justice.

  5. Absolutely spectacular, quite a step away from the norm.

  6. Thanks very much everyone.

    Sin, infrared photography is done using a special infrared filter which allows through the infrared spectrum of light which other camera’s keep out.

  7. Wow, really impressive!!!

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