Lake Nakuru Kenya Landscape Photography

lake nakuru kenay landscape photography

Lake Nakuru, Kenya at sunset with a mass of flamingo’s taking to flight. (Copyright Mitchell Krog – Enquiries – REF: KES5101)

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I was going through some of my older image posts today and came across this image of Lake Nakuru in Kenya which I still have a great affinity for so I decided to repost it today.

It was an overcast all day the day I took this photo, the light overall was a bit poor for photography but it did not stop anyone from flooding the banks of Lake Nakuru to take in some bird watching and photography.

Shortly before sunset the clouds starting opening up and the setting sun found it’s way through a gap in the clouds illuminating the scene with the most spectacular colors. Shortly before the light faded, a group of Flamingo’s took to flight painting the sky bright pink.

I used a very wide angle lens to take in the whole scene and gladly trudged my way into the boggy mud to get closer to the waters edge and away from all the other photographers flooding the banks. I messed up my shoes for the next few days but as always with photography …. it is always worth it to go ahead and do whatever to get the shot, no matter.

I hope to visit Lake Nakuru again one day for some more Landscape Photography soon as I think it has some fantastic photographic opportunities for some more Lake Nakuru Kenya Landscape Photography.

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  1. Absolutely SPECTACULAR !!!

  2. Thank you very much Michael

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