Rock Bridge of Spitzkoppe | Damaraland | Landscapes of Namibia

Photo of Rock Bridge of Spitzkoppe in Damaraland | Landscapes of Namibia

The Rock Bridge of Spitzkoppe in Damaraland, Namibia just as the last rays of the setting sun turn the granite rock formations a fiery red.
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Returning to some of my Landscapes of Namibia, this is one of my photos of the well known Rock Bridge of Spitzkoppe from a trip in 2011. Spitzkoppe is German for “pointed dome” and the area is also known as The Groot Spitzkop or The Matterhorn of Namibia. Spitzkoppe is a large granite outcrop said to be over 700 million years old and stands out dramatically from the surrounding flat plains of the Namib Desert.

Spitzkoppe is situated halfway between Usakos and Swakopmund and accommodation there is limited to camping sites and a few bungalows which are managed by the local community. There is no real ablutions other than portable toilets and the bungalows offer a very basic roof over your head and a bed. The area is riddled with mosquito’s and I can promise you these mosquito bites sting worse than any you’ve had before and the mosquito’s there seem totally immune to most mosquito repellants.


One of the Bungalows at Spitzkoppe.
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If you think the the bungalows might offer you more protection against the many bugs and mosquito’s, think again. My wife and I hired a bungalow but ended up sleeping in the vehicle as there was more bugs inside the bungalow than outside. The staff at the camp had no problem though refunding us for the bungalow cost and charging us a simple camping rate which was very nice of them.

The Rock Bridge is a popular attraction at Spitzkoppe, if you catch the setting sun just at the right moment it turns the rock formations a fiery red which is quite spectacular. The area is frequented by climbers who tackle some of the many big rock faces, the highest sitting at about 700m above the surrounding desert. During the day and more especially in the summer months, these granite rocks are blisteringly hot so one needs to take extra care.


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