Photo / Lightning over Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria, South Africa

Photo of Lightning over the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa

“Lightning over Voortrekker Monument”. (Copyright Mitchell Krog – Enquiries: – REF: ZAX0775PTA)

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This is from a series of images I took back in 2009 from a wild evening of photography shooting a lightning storm over the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa.

South Africa offers some of the best

lightning storms

and extreme weather for lightning photography and not a storm season has passed where I have not experienced some of the craziest and wildest storms.

On this evening I arrived on location shortly before sunset as I had seen big storms building to the South and had a feeling they might just roll in over Pretoria and hopefully follow a path crossing over the

Voortrekker monument

just outside Pretoria in South Africa.

Shortly after sunset the storm rolled in with a might vengeance throwing massive lightning strikes all around me and the rain came pelting down at the same time which forced me to shoot from inside my vehicle.

With high winds rocking the vehicle from side to side I still managed to capture a number of very successful images. It was a lightning photographer’s candy shop so I had no choice but to shoot these scenes in any way possible and it’s certainly an evening I won’t forget in a hurry.

This Lightning Photo “Lightning over the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa”, is available in print on a variety of Hahnemule Fine Art Papers, Epson Premium Papers and Canvas.

To order prints or for other enquiries on images in this series contact me on with Print REF: ZAX0775PTA

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  1. Amazing image, in the photo I can see the rain sheeting off the side of the Monument from the strong wind driving the rain. I’m quite sure this must have been a wild evening. Excellent work.

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