Elephants at Amboseli, Kenya | Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photograph of Elephants Marching Across the Grasslands of Amboseli in Kenya

"Warriors" - A large herd of elephant come marching across the grasslands of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. (Copyright Mitchell Krog - Enquiries: image@mitchellkrog.com - REF: KEX4517)

Amboseli National Park in Kenya is a big flat expanse of land sitting at the foot hills of Mount Kilimanjaro but offers some of the best locations for seeing and photographing large herds of Elephant. Many wildlife photographers seem to regard Amboseli as a waste of time, but upon the advice of a fellow photographer I scheduled in 4 days there on my last trip to Kenya.

On this morning, some Lion’s had been spotted close to the camps with a kill and this had the masses well occupied. I decided not to waste time even trying to get close to the Lions and took a drive through other quieter roads through the park.

After a few kilometers, seemingly out of nowhere, came this herd of Elephant strolling across the plains like Warriors heading into battle and I was the only vehicle there to see it. I quickly positioned the vehicle to capture them head on, waited until they were close enough, and simply let the camera take care of the rest.

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